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Jennifer Buggie, Manja Eland and Eirini Marna share their experience of the International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD):


Reflections on International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD) an Erasmus+ KA2 Initiative 2020 – 2023 

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Teacher and Teacher-Artist Partnership (TAP) lead facilitator Jennifer Buggie in conversation with Manja Elana from Stichting Kopa, the Netherlands and Eirini Marna from the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network in Greece share their experience of the International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD). In August 2021 I-TAP-PD completed its first online training with teachers and artists in Austria, Greece, Netherlands, Serbia and Ireland.

This conversation explores the learning, revelations, and opportunities of this training and the future development of I-TAP-PD as an exciting international project that focuses on enabling teachers and artists to jointly develop understanding, expertise, and creativity in ‘arts in education’ work with children and young people. I-TAP-PD aims to create a professional development training for teachers and artists through research and evaluation, which will be supported by a freely accessible public Digital Resources Platform.


Die Leiterin der Lehrer- und Künstlerpartnerschaft (TAP, Tralee, Irland), Jennifer Buggie, spricht mit Manja Elana von der Stichting Kopa in den Niederlanden und Eirini Marna vom Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network in Griechenland über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Internationalen Lehrer-Künstler-Partnerschaft (I-TAP-PD). Im August 2021 schloss I-TAP-PD sein erstes Online-Training mit Lehrern und Künstlern aus Österreich, Griechenland, den Niederlanden, Serbien und Irland ab.

In diesem Gespräch geht es um die Erfahrungen, Erkenntnisse und Möglichkeiten dieses Trainings und um die künftige Entwicklung von I-TAP-PD als spannendes internationales Projekt, das Lehrern und Künstlern die Möglichkeit gibt, gemeinsam Verständnis, Fachwissen und Kreativität in der „Künstlerischen Bildung"-mit Kindern und Jugendlichen zu entwickeln. I-TAP-PD zielt darauf ab, durch Forschung und Evaluierung eine professionelle Fortbildung für Lehrer und Künstler zu schaffen, die durch eine frei zugängliche öffentliche Plattform für digitale Ressourcen unterstützt wird.


Date and time: Fri, 19 November 2021; 19:00 – 22:30 CET - Online-Event

This event is for free / kostenlos


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About Jenny Buggie

Jenny Buggie is a Primary Teacher in Holy Family Junior School, Portlaoise. She is a member of the Teacher Artist Partnership Design Team and I-TAP-PD Erasmus+ initiative. Her Master Thesis explored teacher identity in practice during change. In her work with Laois Education Centre and as an in-school Creative School/Cluster Co-Ordinator, Jenny is passionate about supporting teachers, artists, and children in working together through partnership to create arts rich learning in arts rich spaces.




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About Manja Eland

Manja Eland is head of education at Kopa and has a background in visual arts.

Stichting Kopa is an arts education NGO from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Kopa initiates projects that aim at more creativity in schools, and in society as a whole. One of Kopa’s main projects is facilitating teachers in their effort to bring more creativity into their classroom through the project PIONIER! Creativity brings color, meaning and joy and sparks new ideas and solutions for complex ‘wicked’ problems. Collaborating with international partners in I-TAP-PD enhances our practice and inspires new perspectives and methods.



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About Eirini Marna

Eirini Marna is kindergarten teacher, a drama teacher, a facilitator, and an adult's trainer. She holds a degree in Preschool Education of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/Greece, and an MA in Applied Drama, in the University of Exeter and Theatre studies in the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris III. She has participated in various Theatre in Education programs, has organized seminars of Drama in Education, in primary and secondary education and has collaborated with drama groups. She teaches various theatrical techniques in amateur theater groups of adults She has participated in storytelling seminars, and she likes to narrate fairytales. She is a member of the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network.

Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network (TENet-gr)


The HELLENIC THEATRE/DRAMA & EDUCATION NETWORK (TENet-Gr) is an association of teachers and artists for the promotion of research on and practice of theatre, educational drama and other performing arts within formal and non-formal education.

Its dual aim is to provide assistance for the performing arts in order that they can gain a central role in schools, and to contribute to the development of approaches and techniques, viewing theatre as an art form, as learning tool and as a tool for social intervention.

Other project partners

Centar za dramu u edukaciji i umetnosti Cedeum
Centre for drama in education and art CEDEUM, SERBIA


National Center of Competence for Arts Education
NCoC für Kulturelle Bildung